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Berg, Sigrun Høgetveit / Bergesen, Rognald Heiseldal / Kristiansen, Roald E. (Eds.)

The Protracted Reformation in Northern Norway

Vol. 2: Towards a Protestant North

TROLL Band 14
2016, 256 Seiten, mit farbigen Abb., Hardcover
ISBN 978–3–86525–537–2
ISSN 1863–8392
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  The Protracted Reformation in Northern Norway



The Reformation was introduced in the Danish-Norwegian kingdom in 1536, by a governmental decision. What were the Political, social and religious conditions in northern Norway – and in adjacent parts of northern Fennoscandia – at that time? How did these conditions contribute to the way the Reformation was implemented in the North? What more sustained processes were triggered by the Reformation? These are some of the basic questions discussed in this collection of articles, dealing with:
– Political and organizational changes relating to the church
– The changing functions of church art, liturgy and religious literature
– The post-Reformation priesthood's material conditions, social position and role in the interpretation of the Reformation to the ordinary people
– The religious situation among the Sámi people and the mission work of the 17th and 18th centuries

This second volume in a sequence of three books about the protracted reformation in the North offers some comparative approaches, such as developments in other regions of Fennoscandia, and drawing parallels to the Russian Church Reform of the 17th Century.

Editors are Sigrun Høgetveit Berg, Rognald Heiseldal Bergesen and Roald Kristiansen at the University of Tromsø – Arctic University of Norway.



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