Hrsg. von Iwan Michelangelo D'Aprile / Daniel Brauer / Günther Lottes / Concha Roldán

New Perspectives in Global History

The era of the Enlightenment would not have been thinkable without its reflection on questions and problems arising out of globalization processes. In addition, the basic assumptions of 18th-Century thinking still constitute the paradigms for contemporary discussions. The Enlightenment – as an ongoing process of modernization – plays a crucial role for perspectives on Europe from the outside.

This volume presents different approaches to these questions from various disciplinary and regional backgrounds. Its main objective consists in furthering the dialogue between European and Latin American research, following Eric Hobsbawm's suggestion that Latin America might be the most productive laboratory for Enlightenment ideas today.

Table of Contents

Daniel Brauer
Globalized History: The Return of Weltgeist?

Omar Acha
From »World History» to »Global History«: Latin American Perspectives

Adrián Ratto
Globalization and the Return of Meta-Narratives

Francisco Naishtat
Global History and Bicentennial: The Problematic Reception of Latin American Emancipation in Marx's Historiography

Rosa E. Belvedresi
Global History and the Idea of Universal History

Günther Lottes
Globality before Globalization. Economic Relationships in the Pre-modern World

Concha Roldán
Enlightenment, Philosophy of History and Values: European Roots of Universalism

Vincent Geoghegan
A New World

Thomas Gil
Explaining Historical Phenomena

Iwan-Michelangelo D'Aprile
Critical Global Studies and Planetary History. New Perspectives on the Enlightenment

Darina Martykánová
Expert Knowledge and the State in Spain and in the Ottoman Empire. An Exercise in Comparative and Global History

Lutz Fricke
Norms and Normalisation – Knowing Others by Default

Irene Gómez Franco
Recognition, Redistribution and Representation: The Dimensions of Global Justice

Ricardo Gutiérrez Aguilar
Recognition: An Argument on Representation, Memory and History

Steven G. Ellis
Building the English State: From Barbarism to Civilization

Dariusz Dolański
Barbarousness and Barbarians in the Polish 18th Century Geographical Writing

Nana Hengelhaupt
Ancient Liberties and Modern Consent

Alix Winter
Josef-Marie Degérando's Concept of Savages

Larisa Strese-Gassiev
Siberian Barbarians and Savages in the Concept of Russian Civilizing Mission

Emilie Al Saleh
»Barbarism and Civility«. The Voyages of Discovery of James Cook in the XVIIIth Century

Roberto R. Aramayo and Concha Roldán
Values and Education: From the Enlightenment to the Present Day

Elvan Altan Ergut and Namık Erkal
An Architectural Introduction to the Education of Enlightenment Values in Turkey

Martina Becker
Art's Pedagogical Vocation for a New Citizenship: The Resim-İş Department in Ankara

Moira Bernardoni
Social Production of Public Space and Intercultural Education

Anna Janczys
The Didactic Character of Universal History

Nina Lex
The Reconcilability of Rousseau's Education. Making Man in Citizen's Clothing

Nicholas Miller
The Status of Women and Writing the Global History of the Family Enlightenment and Contemporary Perspectives

Alexandre Netchaev
The Impossibility of Making a Revolution

Christoph Senft
From Global History to Transmodern Literary Historiography Conceptualisations of Time in Red Earth and Pouring Rain and Serious Men

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