Hrsg. von Katharina Kunter

The Heart of Europe

The Power of Faith, Vision and Belonging in European Unification

I Adam von Trott and the Resistance. Their Legacy for Europe

Nancy Lukens: Head, Shoulder, Stomach and Heart: Utopian Realism
in Adam von Trott's Vision for Europe

Frédérique Dantonel: Adam von Trott and his Heritage for Europe and the Church

Christian Roy: Visions of Europe and Revolution in the Intersecting Activist and Resistance Trajectories of Harro Schulze-Boysen and Alexandre Marc

II Identities and Narratives of Europe

John Considine: Genealogical Narratives and European Identity (1520–1720)

Sylvia Brown: Millenarian Europe. The View from English Religious Radicals of the Seventeenth Century

Hiram Kümper: "Old Europe"? (Post-)Modernity in Search for Common Cultural Roots

Massimo Faggioli: Europe and the Modern World in the Catholic Narrative during
the 1960's: Migration, Decolonization and De-Europeanization

Harutyun G. Harutyunyan: Orthodox Churches and European Unity (1981–2007)
To contradict or to cooperate?

III Deconstruction of Europe

Julia Sushytska: Philosophising on the Borders between Europe and its East

Ines Soldwisch: Symbolism in European Integration - A Driving Force or Meaningless Efforts?

Tamara Ehs: Hegels EU. Eine undeutsche Lesart nach Adam von Trott

Recent financial turmoil and the economic decline of EU-member states have called the European project into question. But the associated search for European identity is older than the European movement and is as old as Europe itself, with the continent having been created more by faith, myth and belonging than by geography or political or economic structures.

This book follows the search for the Soul of Europe. Its authors explore utopian dreams and visions of the European past and future and reflect on historical narratives and mythologies as well as on the emotions of belonging and attachment. Based on the contributions to an international academic conference to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of the European thinker and German resistance fighter Adam von Trott, this book shows the vast human and intellectual potential that the project of Europe still contains.

Katharina Kunter (Dr. habil) is Associate Professor for Modern History at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

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